What is The Full form of NDT in English & Hindi, Meaning, Definition

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What is The Full form & Meaning of NDT - NDT Stands for

NDT full form in English "Non-Destructive Testing." and Meaning of NDT also is Non-Destructive Testing.

NDT full form in Hindi - गैर विनाशकारी परीक्षण।

There may be more full forms related to Full form of NDT, so pay attention to the table below to know all the full forms.
NDTComputerNon - Destructive Testing.
NDTMedicalNeuro Development Treatment.
NDTMechanical engineeringNon - Destructive Testing.
NDTweldingNon - destructive testing.
NDTTechnologyNon - Destructive Testing.
NDTElectronicsNon - Destructive Testing.
NDT Sports National debate Tournament.
NDTBusinessNetwork development Training.
NDTchemistryNil Ductility Transition.

What Does NDT Means ?

NDT Stands for Non-Destructive Testing and NDT Belong to Civil engineering.

Conclusion : Full form of NDT Meaning -

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