What is The full form of CTI in English & Hindi, Meaning, Definition

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What is The full form of CTI - CTI Ka full form -

Know the full form of CTI, if you have never heard about it then you must go..

CTI Full form in English -  Central Training Institute for Instruction.

CTI Ka full form in Hindi - निर्देश के लिए केंद्रीय प्रशिक्षण संस्थान।

CTI Stands for Central Training Institute for Instruction. CTI (Central Training Institute for Instruction) is a kind of course in which all courses like Electrician, Motor Mechanic, Turner etc. are done to the student. And this course can be done by the one who has done ITI / Diploma course.

There may be more full forms related to Full form & Meaning of CTI, so pay attention to the table below to know all the full forms.

Other Full form of CTI - 

Term Category Full form
CTI   ITI Craftsman Training Institute
CTI Railway Centralised Training Institutes
CTI Salary Cost To Individual
CTI Medical Computed tomography
CTI Engineering Comparative Tracking Index
CTI Software Computer telephony integration
CTI Education Craftsman Training Institute
CTI Degree Central Training Institute for Instruction.
CTI Course Central Training Institute for Instruction.
CTI Cyber Security Cyber threat intelligence
CTI Telecom Computer telephony integration
CTI salesforce Computer Telephony Integration
CTI Deputy chief ticket inspector 
CTI Banking Customer type indicator
CTI Amazon Computer Telephony Integration
CTI Call Center computer telephony integration
CTI College Craftsman Training Institute
CTI Cisco  Telephony Integration
CTI Customs customs Tariff items
CTI Crm Computer telephony integration
CTI Vehicle Centre for Trade and Investment
CTI VFX Current Time Indicator
CTI Networking Computer telephony integration
CTI Finance Customer type indicator
CTI Law Consolidated Treaties and International Agreements. 
CTI Electronics computer-telephony integration
CTI Exam Craftsman Training Institute
CTI Income Tax Combined Taxable Income
CTI pcp Critical Time Intervention
CTI   Post Cost To Individual.

Meaning of CTI - Full form 

The meaning of CTI is Central Training Institute for Instruction but it can have other meanings. Which have been mentioned above.

Definition of CTI full form -

The simple definition of CTI is Central Training Institute for Instruction and it is called CTI for short term.
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